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China in 100 (Clichéd) Words

Land of contradictions. Everything true its opposite too. Shakes the world. Interesting times. Chinese whispers. Chinese whiskers. Chairman Meow. Panda. Pander. Hu? Wen? Xi’s the man. Rising. Booming. Breakneck. Spiritual vacuum. With Chinese characteristics. Money the new ideology. Anything exotic. Anything picturesque. Anything with communist and capitalist in the same sentence. Anything with old and new in the same sentence. Any juxtaposition ever. Almond eyes. Moon face. Lao Wang. Little emperor. Middle Kingdom. 5000 years. Confucian values. The ancient saying. Kung fu (still!). Sexpat. Postpat. China hand. Loser Back Home. Story around every corner. Grain of truth to every cliché.

Alec Ash


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