Every Day,
A Century


Every Day, A Century is a curated writing project that challenges writers to create a one-hundred word prose poem every day. These fragmentary pieces will showcase the depth and range of what can be accomplished in a confined space. Our hope is that this project will re-energize writers who have fallen away from their craft—especially recent college and MFA grads who seek a community with which to converse on the page—as well as those who take pleasure in the strange art of compression.

We hope that this rigid form will allow each writer to enjoy questioning every single word submitted. We are not biased toward any specific aesthetic, and we treat narrative, lyric, tonal, surreal, hyper-real pieces, or any combination thereof with equal value and importance.

What do we look for in submissions, then? 100 words without linebreaks. More specifically, 100 words that will resonate with readers. 100 words that illustrate an eye, ear, or general knack for embracing the fragmentary form and letting language work in interesting ways.

Why a century? The term is borrowed from Joel Brouwer's book of poems that follow the one-hundred word form, Centuries (Four Way Books, 2003). The precision and range of this collection served as inspiration for this project.

Your Founders,
Sara Slaughter and Jessica Chong

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