Every Day,
A Century

Veronica Castrillon

Veronica Castrillon is moving back to New York City, in an attempt to hold down the fort.

Take Care

to keep things in perspective; not all bites break skin. Consider cause and effect, how each pain is instructive. A mouth wired shut. Another, pursed, in remorse, for a closed-mouth kiss. It’s said that idle hands are the devil’s tools, but the hand that rotates at the wrist is not the hand to mete out justice. (Better that such hands be—in all fairness—cut off at the elbow.) A frayed rope swing, tied loosely to a knotty tree, blows over a wind-whipped lake. Waits for a body. Consider desire’s center: at the root of vulnerability, always a wound.




1. To impose a duty, responsibility or obligation on: Someone to watch over me. 3. To hold financially liable; demand payment from: A pound of flesh. 5. a. To load to capacity; fill: You’re all I think about.  6. To load (a gun or firearm) with a quantity of explosive: See how hot you make me? 9. Accuse or blame: How could you? I would never.10. To put the blame for; attribute or impute: If it weren’t for ____, I would not have  ____.  11. To excite; rouse: Like a sitting duck. 15. To attack violently: Because I love you.


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