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Knud Adams

Knud Adams is a Brooklyn-based director of experimental new plays as well as a writer. In directing, Knud has assisted some of the nation's most renowned artists, including The Wooster Group (Hamlet), Andre Gregory (Grasses of a Thousand Colors), Richard Foreman (Old Fashioned Prostitutes workshop), Sam Gold (Uncle Vanya, A Doll's House, Kin), and Sarah Benson (Orange, Hat & Grace). His recent NYC productions include Torrey Townsend’s Home Universe (Columbia Stages), Max Posner’s Gun Logistics with Birgit Huppuch and Paul Thureen (Directorfest), and his own play Children of the Future Age (Calliope). As playwright, Knud was twice winner of the Kenyon James E. Michael and a WORDBRIDGE semifinalist. He grew up in France, England, and Scotland before settling in/for Ohio. www.knudadams.com

There Is A Special Kind Of T-Shirt

There is a special kind of t-shirt worn only by young men that hangs from the body with a laxity befitting their slouched frames. Droopy sleeves, shocks of armpit hair, and hems that curl like mid-scoop ice cream. Sleeves begging to be tugged. With cotton thin enough to imply nudity, as if to say, no shirt required. Where do they find these shirts? It really doesn’t matter: You could stretch one over your body, but it won’t give you their tussled hair, hairless nape, or byzantine belly. Theirs is a special kind of t-shirt and comes only in one size.


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