Every Day,
A Century

Geoff Kronik

Geoff Kronik is an MFA student at Warren Wilson College. His work has appeared in Salamander, SmokeLong Quarterly and Opium. He celebrates half a century this year.

Reaction Time

Two wheels no four wheels radial subtraction brakes risible each second’s countoff eighty-eight so lucky in clamorous China but not quiet Connecticut not this scapular embankment not the cannonade of gravel the muffler eviscerated the differential unclasped the axles broken one wheel still hugging its hub sprays ditchy muck under roadsign poetry take a break for safety’s sake too late buster you overshot your bigness now sex smells of fuel sex smells of stupidity sex is blue light eyeing the icewoman passenger she is not your wife she sips coffee how could the bitch not have spilled one damn drop.


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